OSHKOSH, Wis. (Dec. 15) – Looking to build on already solid numbers, Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway will add Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods to its weekly lineup next season.

IMCA points will be awarded at Friday shows starting with opening night May 4 through Aug. 31. Several Tuesday programs on the 1/3-mile dirt oval are also to be announced for 2012.

The 2012 Rule book for Oshkosh Speedzone is available.

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The Oshkosh Speedzone is proud to announce that in 2012 IMCA has agreed to sanction the Sport Mods. After several years of waiting we finally are in the door of IMCA said partner Larry Stratton. Though IMCA would like to have sanctioned both Modified divisions, we thought we would run another year un-sanctioned in the “A” Mods. Jeff Lemiesz also stated that Oshkosh is kind of like a melting pot for drivers. We get drivers from the North, South, East and West just like the old track, Leo’s Speedway.

Larry Stratton continues to say that 2013 we could sanction the “A” Mods. For now 2012, we will still follow IMCA rules.

Reminder of monthly meeting. Wed December 7th. 7:00pm at Oshkosh Lanes, (NOT Shoreview).

At this time we will announce our decision for sanctions.

On November 2, 2011 the Oshkosh Speedzone held our regular monthly drivers meeting. There were about 100 people that attended, in addition to 4 tracks, 141, Seymour, Sturgeon Bay and Wilmont.

Brett Root (IMCA) along with Todd Staley (USRA/USMTS) each had a few minutes to talk about their sanctioning groups then we broke into smaller groups.

Most of what was talked about during the group meetings we will be talking about them on Saturday November 12 at the promoters meeting being held at 141 Speedway.

For Immediate Press Release:
On November 2, 2011 the Oshkosh Speedzone will be hosting our regular monthly drivers meeting.

We will be discussing various topics from 4 Cylinder to “A” Mods regarding rules and track operations along with sanctioning bodies.

Brett Root (IMCA) along with Todd Staley (USRA/USMTS) will be there to present their sanctions and a question and answer session.

Attention Drivers, if you have a packing vehical at the track, the county is requiring us to remove them from the pit area. We need all the pack vehicals removed by no later than November 12, 2011. Contact Larry (920-252-1463) Jeff (920-279-9096) to make arraingments for removal.

The 2011 end of season banquet is scheduled January 14, 2011.

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The next Speedzone monthly meeting will take place at Shoreview Lanes at 7:00pm November 2, 2011. There are going to be some "HOT" topics discused.

Once again we are doing our monthly meetings with drivers. Our first meeting will be Wednesday October 5, 2011. We willl meet at Shoreview Lanes at 7:00pm.

We will discuss the 2011 race season, good bad ugly. Also we will start talking about rules and the issue of IMCA.

If you have anything to ad please come to the meeting and talk to us.