Oshkosh, WI, May 12, 2012: Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway hosted another evening of great racing action as winners in each of the five feature races were decided in the closing laps. B-104 and Total Power Sales presented the second night of racing for the 2012 season at the third-mile clay oval, and fans witnessed plenty of thrilling racing action on nearly a perfect track.

129 cars checked into the pit area including 41 Automotive Supply Company Modifieds. Fast becoming known as "Wisconsin's Modified Action Track", Oshkosh Speedzone has seen star filled fields in its headline division with champions from several area tracks competing this season. Even with all the championships represented in the starting lineup of tonight's feature it would be Andy Gross, a relative newcomer to the class who is running his first full season of Modified racing, reaching victory lane after a smooth late race pass of Will "The Thrill" Sorce in a non-stop feature contest.

32 Leon's Frozen Custard IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds were on hand and their feature race proved just how tight the competition in the division. A pack of six cars tossed the lead back and forth throughout the first half of the race before Cody Hudson surged to the front. Hudson then looked to be on his way to winning the contest when Tracy Wassenberg took advantage of a late race restart and charged to the lead in the closing laps to steal the win.

The Miller Lite Grand Nationals checked into the pit area with 18 contestants and the feature event would see Steve Schneider run down race leader Tim Reichenberger to grab the lead with two laps to go in the contest. The pair would run side by side to the checkered inches apart with Schneider taking the victory by less than a foot and earning his first feature win since the 2010 season.

21 Total Power Sales Street Stocks were on hand with hard charging Jerry Winkler tenaciously clinging to the lead over Mark Schultz the final laps of the contest. Schultz would actually nose ahead for the lead on the white flag lap but Winker fought back to claim the lead and the win on the final lap.

The Lynn's Service Center Dirt Devils had 17 competitors show up this evening with Mike Montie earning his first career feature win at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway.

After five heat races and a pair of consolation events a starting field of 23 drivers accepted the green flag in the Automotive Supply Company Modified main event. The duel between Will Sorce and Andy Gross began at the drop of the green flag as the pair were running first and second by the completion of the first lap. Veteran Jerry Muenster who has 51 years of driving experience and earlier won his heat race held down the third slot during the opening laps of the contest.

Sorce opted to run a lower groove around the track with Gross taking to the high line as the pair slowly pulled away from the third place battle between Craig Priewe, Muenster and Tim Lemirande.

Priewe would come away with the third spot on lap six and set out to run down the lead duo, while deeper in the field Brian Mullen whose racing resume holds numerous championship was working forward from his mid-park starting spot.

At the halfway point Sorce had a four car length lead on Gross with Priewe, Muenster and Mullen holding down the top five slots. Sorce continued to run perfectly in the low line but it was Gross who changed his line to a very high groove who now was turning the fastest laps. Drifting flawlessly through Oshkosh Speedzone's sweeping turns Gross was able to carry his momentum down the straights and slowly closed on Sorce.

With two laps to go Gross would gain the advantage and over the final two laps he pulled ahead by a car length to score the victory. Sorce claimed a well earned second place finish. The third position battle came down to the final turn as Mullen surged ahead of Priewe to grab the spot. Priewe settled for fourth ahead of defending track champion Brian Drexler who rounded out the top five.

The Leon's Frozen Custard IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds had just a single caution in their main event and provided fans with a great pack style battle for the lead throughout much of the contest. With the drop of the green flag the field immediately started to do battle three and four wide while top spot was contested between Cody Hudson, Joey Taycher and Kelsy Hayes.

Hayes would come away with the top spot on lap three wrestling the top spot from Hudson while Taycher continued to apply the pressure from the outside line. Hayes was giving the ladies someone to cheer for as one of the area's toughest female competitors she was able to keep the boys in her tire tracks as the race neared the halfway point.

Taycher's choice of the high line began to payoff as he would manage to sneak ahead of Hudson and then run wheel to wheel with Hayes before slipping into the lead spot just part the mid-point of the contest. Tracy Wassenberg who had started deep in the field now began to make his presence felt reaching fourth with last week's feature winner Kurt Moeller in tow.

Hayes would lose a couple more positions over the next few laps as Hudson, Wassenberg and Moeller worked past. On lap 13 the lead would change hands again as Hudson now replaced Taycher at the front of the pack while Wassenberg continued his charge reaching third.

The only caution of the event would occur on lap 15 when Derek Schnetzer would spin in turn three. Both Hayes and Moeller would narrowly avoid him spinning to try and avoid contact.

This setup the dash to the checkered and when the green flag fell Hudson and Wassenberg would square off for the lead. Wassenberg would surge ahead on the high line taking the top position as Hudson did his best to fight back in the low groove. Moeller expertly worked the restart to grab the third spot.

As the laps would down Wassenberg would set the pace taking the checkered flag over Hudson in a hard fought battle. Moeller would take third just ahead of a hard charging Troy Jerovetz. Taycher would comprise the top five finishers. Hayes who lead much of the contest would settle for sixth.

The Miller Lite Grand Nationals saw 18 drivers take the green flag with Tim Reichenberger working past polesitter Larry Richards for the top spot on the opening lap. On lap three Steve Schneider began to challenge Richards for the second position while Reichenberger was off extending his lead.

Reichenberger's lead would hold fast at three car lengths as Schneider continued apply the pressure for the top spot. Terry Van Roy would reach the third position on lap seven as the top three motored away from the rest of the pack.

As the race reached the final five circuits Schneider slowly began to reel in Reichenberger who clung to the low groove around the raceway. Schneider using a higher line chiseled away at the gap and then switched lanes to dive under Reichenberger for the top spot with two laps to go.

Reichenberger was not about to give up however as he now used the high line to draw even with Schneider as the white flag flew. Coming off turn four on the final lap the pair would rocket to the finish line with Schneider taking the win by about a foot. Reichenberger would settle for second ahead of Van Roy. Tim Warner and Richards made up the top five finishers.

A full field of 22 starters took the green flag for the Total Power Sales Street Stocks main event. Mark Schultz placed himself at the front of the field with Jerry Winkler in tow during the opening laps as the pair contested the top spot. A collision between Jesse Krahn and Dan Knaus slowed the pace on lap three. With the race resuming Schultz shot back to the lead but he would drift high on lap five and Winkler was quick to take advantage of the miscue slipping under him for the top spot.

Once out front Winkler slowly began to build his lead over Schultz. Richard Garb meanwhile was trying his best to make it a three way battle for the top spot as he moved up to work on Schultz for second. Garb would briefly replace Schultz in the second spot running a high line around the track.

The last thing Winkler would want was a caution flag, but on lap 17 the events second yellow flag appeared when Marcus Dewrite came to a stop in turn two. This placed the field back on Winkler's rear bumper for the restart. With the green flag waving Winker again took the lead but was immediately challenged for the top spot by Schultz. Hugging the bottom Winkler would lead lap 18 but Schultz got a good run heading for the white flag nosing ahead to lead the lap. The two ran side by side down the backstretch and into turn three before Winkler began to pull ahead. Winker would take the victory by a slim margin over Schultz with Garb, Brandon Reidner and Mark Baker comprising the top five.

In the Lynn's Service Center Dirt Devils, 14 cars survived to reach the feature contest which was unusually unsettled. In most cases for the class has been very successful in running incident free events. Tonight however there were an abundance of cautions to keep the field bunched together. For much of the race Christopher Maas and Mike Montie would do battle before Montie would gather up the lead position.

Once out front Montie would endure several more cautions to earn the victory, the first feature win of his career at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway. Maas would settle for second. Cory Wegner had patiently worked his way into third at the finish followed by Ben Meyerhofer and Mitch Seiden who made up the top five runners.

Racing action continues next week on Friday Night, May 18th with a show presented by Oshkosh Lanes and Automotive Supply Company.

Racing action will begin at the new 7:00pm start time with nearly 120 cars expected to be on hand in the five division program. The Automotive Supply Company Modifieds, Leon's Frozen Custard IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds, Miller Lite Grand Nationals, Total Power Sales Street Stocks and Lynn's Service Center Dirt Devils will continue their season long point battle.

Adult admission tickets are just $10, students ages 11 through 15 are admitted for just $5 and children 10 and under are free to attend the races.

Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway is a 1/3 mile semi-banked clay oval located at the Sunnyview Expo Center which resides near the intersection of Highways 76 and County Trunk Y in Oshkosh. Weekly racing Friday Night racing continues until September. Fans and drivers are encouraged to visit the track website at for additional information on upcoming racing events.



Feature (Top 15): 1.) Andy Gross; 2.) Will Sorce; 3.) Brian Mullen; 4.) Craig Priewe; 5.) Brian Drexler; 6.) Jerry Muenster; 7.) Justin Ritchie; 8.) Scott Mullen; 9.) Joel Crowbridge; 10.) Mike Wedelstadt; 11.) Johnny Whitman; 12.) Mike Mullen; 13.) Eddie Muenster; 14.) Tim Lemirande; 15.) Steve Kloehn

First Consolation: 1.) Tom Schall; 2.) E. Muenster; 3.) Chris Engels; 4.) Jason Hyerdall; 5.) Jim Robbins; 6.) Dennis Schultz
Second Consolation: 1.) Mitch McGrath; 2.) Eddie LeMay Jr. 3.) Tony Wedelstadt; 4.) Jamie Schmidt; 5.) Ben Brinkman; 6.) Robbie Thiel

First Heat: 1.) Whitman; 2.) Gross; 3.) B. Mullen
Second Heat: 1.) Sorce; 2.) Lemirande; 3.) Crowbridge
Third Heat: 1.) S. Mullen; 2.) M. Wedelstadt; 3.) M. Mullen
Fourth Heat: 1.) J. Muenster; 2.) Drexler; 3.) Ritchie
Fifth Heat: 1.) Travis Spaulding; 2.) Priewe; 3.) Mike Klenz


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Steve Schneider; 2.) Tim Reichenberger; 3.) Terry Van Roy; 4.) Tim Warner; 5.) Larry Richards; 6.) Brian Henry; 7.) John Schultz III; 8.) T.J. Smith; 9.) Jim Rhode; 10.) Tim Simon

First Heat: 1.) Richards; 2.) Warner; 3.) Henry
Second Heat: 1.) Reichenberger; 2.) Van Roy; 3.) Tim Doehling


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Tracy Wassenberg; 2.) Cody Hudson; 3.) Kurt Moeller; 4.) Troy Jerovetz; 5.) Joey Taycher; 6.) Kelsy Hayes; 7.) Ron Besaw; 8.) Dion Wahl; 9.) Rodd Wiese; 10.) Ryan Besaw

First Consolation: 1.) Andy Kleczka; 2.) Todd Ewald; 3.) Travis Kleindl; 4.) Aaron Muhle; 5.) Tony Rialson
Second Consolation: 1.) Weise; 2.) Adam Pugh; 3.) Brandon Berth; 4.) Mark Howe; 5.) Jordan Tuyls

First Heat: 1.) Wassenberg; 2.) Kevin Bethke; 3.) Hudson
Second Heat: 1.) Rob Krull; 2.) Ryan Besaw; 3.) Randy Kreuger
Third Heat: 1.) Moeller; 2.) Jerovetz; 3.) Ron Besaw
Fourth Heat: 1.) Taycher; 2.) Hayes; 3.) Wahl


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Jerry Winkler; 2.) Mark Schultz; 3.) Richard Garb; 4.) Brandon Reidner; 5.) Mark Baker; 6.) Jeff Jungwirth; 7.) Patty Winkler; 8.) Jerry Kope; 9.) Frank Knaus; 10.) Mike Nehmer

First Heat: 1.) Kyle Reidner; 2.) J. Winkler; 3.) Nehmer
Second Heat: 1.) B. Reidner; 2.) P. Winkler; 3.) Jungwirth
Third Heat: 1.) Garb; 2.) Schultz; 3.) Jon Ashcraft


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Mike Montie; 2.) Chris Maas; 3.) Cory Wegner; 4.) Ben Meyerhofer; 5.) Mitch Seiden; 6.) Chad Ewald; 7.) Jason Fairbank; 8.) Joe Mink; 9.) Erik Kollmann; 10.) Patrick Klawitter

First Heat: 1.) Montie; 2.) Meyerhoffer; 3.) Maas
Second Heat: 1.) Wegner; 2.) Tracy Peebles; 3.) Hillary Kreutz