By Scott Owen
Oshkosh,WI,6/22/10—Eddie “The Eagle” Anschutz made his first trip to the Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway a good one as he captured the checkered flag in the street stock division. Terry Van Roy also scored his first win of the year in the grand national class. Tim Simon won his second straight feature in the dirt devils, and Mike Mullen grabbed his third straight win in the modified class.

Perennial favorite, Jerry Winkler, looked like he was on his way to another feature win in the street stock feature. At the midpoint of the race though, cautions began to slow the action. Winkler’s car also began to show smoke during racing, but would go away under the caution periods. Anschutz hugged the inside of the track in order to get past Winkler on lap eleven. Cautions continued to be a problem, but Anschutz was perfect on the restarts and held on to win the race. Nate Gross also got around Winkler before the race was done. Winkler held off Daniel Knaus to finish in third.

Next up the dirt devil division took to the track. Unlike the street stocks, the dirt devils went green to checkered without a yellow flag. Andrew Melberg grabbed the lead at the start of the race before succumbing to Tim Simon. As the race wore on Simon began to pad his lead as Stephen LeMay and Matt Jahnke battled through traffic and into the top three. At the end it was Simon winning his second in a row. LeMay finished second, Jahnke took third.

The grand national feature was led early on by Tom Schneider. Schneider would stay out front until lap three when Larry Richards made it three wide with Tom Schneider and Steve Schneider to take the lead. Richards quickly had competition from the likes of Steve Schneider, Ben Stumpf, Tim Warner and Terry Van Roy. On lap thirteen Van Roy, who had started in the eighth row, would take the lead from Richards. Van Roy would go on to the win in front of Steve Schneider and Larry Richards.

The modified feature was the final event of the night. Matt Maleport grabbed the top spot at the start of the race. John Schultz moved into second on lap two and began to pressure Maleport for the lead. On lap seven Schultz took the lead from Maleport. Schultz would only hold the lead for one lap before Mike Mullen took over the point position. Mullin held off Travis Spaulding for his third straight win. Scott Mullen took third, Brian Drexler fourth, Jeremy Christians fifth.

Racing will resume July second. More information can be found online at

STREET STOCK FEATURE: 1)Edward Anschutz, 2)Nate Gross ,3)Jerry Winkler, 4)Daniel Knaus, 5)Joe Whittmann, 6)Shaun Haydon, 7)Travis Grissman, 8)Derek Schrauth, 9)Jeff Jungwirth, 10)Eric Derks. FIRST HEAT: 1)Jungwirth, 2)Rick Fairbank, 3)Grissman. SECOND HEAT: 1)Winkler, 2)Whittmann, 3)Anschutz. THIRD HEAT: 1)Haydon, 2)Knaus, 3)Gross

DIRT DEVIL FEATURE: 1)Tim Simon, 2)Stephen LeMay, 3)Matt Jahnke, 4)Kathy Pierrard, 5)Jason Fairbank, 6)Mark Krause, 7)Eric Kollman, 8)Cole Pettite, 9)Andrew Melberg, 10)Mitchel Steidel. FIRST HEAT: 1)LeMay, 2)Simon, 3)Kollman. SECOND HEAT: 1)Jahnke, 2)Fairbank.

GRAND NATIONAL FEATURE: 1)Terry Van Roy, 2)Steve Schneider, 3)Larry Richards, 4)TJ Smith, 5)Ben Stumpf, 6)Tim Warner, 7)Brian Henry, 8)Tim Reichenberger, 9)Alex Stumpf, 10)Will Schumacher. FIRST HEAT: 1)Richards, 2)Warner, 3)Ben Stumpf. SECOND HEAT: 1)Paul Todd, 2)Troy Weich, 3)Smith. THIRD HEAT: 1)Henry, 2)Tom Schneider, 3)Jim Rhode. FOURTH HEAT: 1)Tim Doehling, 2)Dan Schumacher, 3)Alex Stumpf.

MODIFIED FEATURE: 1)Mike Mullen, 2)Travis Spaulding, 3)Scott Mullen, 4)Brian Drexler, 5)Jeremy Christians, 6)Tim VanDeHei, 7)John Schultz, 8)Chris Engels, 9)Mike Klenz, 10)Jamie Schmidt. FIRST HEAT: 1)Drexler, 2)Engels, 3)Schultz. SECOND HEAT: 1)Christians, 2)Scott Mullen, 3)Roger Van Roy. THIRD HEAT: 1)Mike Mullen, 2)VanDeHei, 3)Schmidt. FOURTH HEAT: 1)Spaulding, 2)Klenz, 3)Steve Kloehn.