Wicinski Scores Breakthrough Victory in Street Stock Action!

Oshkosh, WI, June 14, 2013 – It’s hard to believe the 2013 racing season is almost half-over. Hansel Trucking presented the Mid-Season championships and Driver Sponsor Appreciation Night at Oshkosh Speedzone raceway with stellar fields in each of the five divisions. Once again 120 plus cars checked into the pit area topped by the Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified division which saw 32 cars check into the pits for the show.

The modifieds again lived up to their reputation which had created the tag “Wisconsin’s Modified Action Track” for Oshkosh Speedzone for the feature contest in the headline division had just a single slowdown while presenting three and four wide racing on the third-mile clay oval. When the checkered flag fell it was for bragging rights at the next family gathering as the Jerovetz name laid claim to the top two positions with Sean besting his cousin Troy for top honors tonight.

The Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds were the only class affected by “Yellow Syndrome”, that is the affliction of many cautions during a racing event. Cody Hokenstad survived several restarts to top the time shortened affair which went a total of 12 laps tonight.

In contract there were few slowdowns in the other classes including the Total Power Sales Street Stocks which saw Jeff Wicinski earn his first career feature win at Oshkosh Speedzone pacing all but the first two laps of the event and then fending off current point leader Jerry Kope for the victory.

Tim Doehling reversed his fortune in Outlaw Chassis Grand National action. Doehling who had been in contention for several more wins this season only to encounter mechanical problems kept things together tonight and earned a convincing win, his first of the 2013 season in feature action.

The Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils appeared to be headed for a green to checkered main event when the engine in race leader Matt Brehmer’s machine expired with an abundance of flames forcing a red flag to extinguish the fire. Brehmer was unhurt in the incident but could only watch as division point leader Mike Montie paced the final two laps to score the victory.

20 drivers accepted the green flag for the Automotive Supply Company Modified 20 lap main which saw division rookie T.J. Smith flexing some muscle doing battle with John Schultz for the lead early in the contest. Sean Jerovetz who had started mid pack was quickly advancing positions making several impressive three wide passes diving between cars. Sean would work his way by Smith for second on lap four and quickly closed the gap on race leader Schultz.

Marcus Yarie was also on the move having followed Sean through the field placing himself in the third spot by lap eight. On the next lap Schultz found himself challenged by Sean who wasted little time scrambling by for the lead. Schultz found himself slipping into the third spot as Yarie also motored by to reach second on lap 11.

The only slowdown of the contest occurred on lap 14 when Schultz would tangle with Justin Ritchie. Both drivers would spin in turn two ending any chance at victory.

On the restart Sean Jerovetz was able to get the jump on Yarie who now had to content with Troy Jerovetz for the second spot. Troy a rookie in the IMCA Modified class and the current division point leader worked past Yarie for runner-up honors and now sought to catch his cousin Sean closing in on his rear bumper with a pair of laps to go. In spite of several attempts to take the top spot Sean was up to the challenge scoring his second win of the 2013 season having won the main event on opening night. Troy finished in second and maintains the point lead by three markers over Sean.

Yarie would settle for third and currently ranks third in overall points 6 markers back from the point lead. Mitch McGrath easily passed the most cars in the evening coming from deep in the field to win his consolation race and then starting the feature in the last couple rows. McGrath methodically picked off cars in the feature contest reaching fourth by the checkered flag. Johnny Whitman would complete the top five finishers.

The Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modified race more resembled a series of dash events as brief green flag runs were separated by an abundance of caution periods.

Kevin Tilleman was the man to catch during the opening laps holding the lead through several restarts before a miscue dropped him from the lead to mid pack giving the top spot to Cody Hokenstad.

Hokenstad would be pressured by division rookie Steve Schneider over the next several cautions and even caught a break as Schneider was attempting a pass only to be negated by a yellow flag. As the race wound down official opted to do the restarts single file. On the final restart Hokenstad got a good jump on the field leaving Schneider to do battle with Clint Forestner for runner-up honors. That battle allowed Hokenstad to gain a small gap. The time limit would expire with Hokenstad having recorded 12 laps in the books earning his first win at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway.

Schneider would finish with runner-up honors for the second consecutive week after retaking the spot from Forestner on the final lap. Forestner, visiting driver Scott Boyea making his first showing of 2013 and current point leader Todd Wiese completed the top five finishers. Wiese currently holds a comfortable 18 point margin over Schneider in the standings.

In comparison only one slowdown was needed in the Outlaw Chassis Grand National main event. Charlie Sancinati making his second start of the season at Oshkosh Speedzone showed how quickly he adapted to the track setting the early pace while keeping Tim Doehling behind him. While the lead duo would separate themselves from the field the battle for third changed hands frequently as Tim Reichenberger, defending division champ Brian Henry and Terry Van Roy tossed the position back and forth.

Sancinati soon found himself being reeled in by Doehling who has logged hundreds of laps at the Oshkosh oval. Doehling used that knowledge to his advantage and would work by for the top spot on lap 14.

Once out front Doehling was able to keep Sancinati at bay extending his enroute to the checkered flag. Sancinati finished second in his strongest showing at Oshkosh Speedzone. Third would eventually wind up in the hands of Van Roy after a fierce battle with Larry Richards the current point lead in the class. Henry and Richards comprised the top five runners.

Ryan Blank would pace the opening two circuits of the Total Power Sales Street Stock feature contest with Jeff Wicinski applying the pressure in effort to reach the lead. Wicinski would make his way to the front on lap three and once in the lead he would prove to have the pace to hold the position.

At the halfway point Wicinski found himself with a comfortable margin over Steven Gawaresky who returned to racing a couple weeks ago after taking a break for several seasons.

Gawaresky was unable to match the pace set by Wicinski and found himself having to defend the second position as point leader Jerry Kope came up to challenge for the spot with only a handful of laps remaining. Kope would reach second with three laps to go in the 20 lap contest but was unable to wrestle the lead from Wicinski who earned his first feature checkered.

Kope would settle for second and extend his point lead to 13 markers over Richard Garb. Garb would finish third in spectacular fashion having been running fifth on the white flag lap. Garb shot to the outside passing several cars coming up just short of reaching Kope for the second spot. Gawaresky and Jerry Winkler who had won last week’s feature finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The final feature of the night was held with the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils taking to the track.

With plenty of fender rubbing action taking place the drivers amazed fans and officials alike by their car control keeping the race under green flag conditions. Matt Brehmer appeared headed for certain victory having amassed a huge lead over point leader Mike Montie who had reached second at the halfway point of the event.

As Brehmer came off turn four headed for the white flag his engine erupted into flame ending is run while the fire was extinguished under red flag conditions. This left Montie in charge of the race and on the restart he was able to negate several passing attempts for Shaun Bangart for the win. Ralph Liegeois Jr., Dan Juszczyk and defending champion Jason Fairbank made up the top five.

Next week Tuesday Night, June 18th marks the final practice of the summer for Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway and the last chance to practice before next Friday Night’s first major event of the year.

On Friday Night June 21st, the Budweiser will present the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprints which will make their first of two appearances at the track this season. The 900 horsepower, winged 410 Sprints are the fastest cars to take to Speedzone’s clay each year and have been clocked at over 130 mph. Joining the IRA Outlaw Sprints will be the Automotive Supply Company Modifieds and Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds. Both Modified classes will be competing in a full point program.

Kenny Schrader a NASCAR star known for his short track performances will be making a three race swing through Northeastern Wisconsin and will be participating in the program wheeling his IMCA Modified. Having succeeded in just about every form of racing, he has turned laps at over 450 short tracks a crossed America. GSR Racing Equipment and Johnny’s Racing Parts have stepped up to help sponsor Schrader’s tip through Northwestern Wisconsin. His stop on June 21st will make his first ever appearance at Oshkosh Speedzone. He will compete the following night at 141 Speedway and then on Sunday at Seymour Speedway.

Admission for the special event is $20 for adults with young fans ages 11 through 15 admitted for just $10. Children ages 10 and under are admitted FREE with a paid adult.

Additional star-power is in the works for the June 21st program as efforts are being made to bring Kyle Larson to the track to display his open-wheeled driving talent behind the wheel of an IRA Outlaw Sprint.

Fans can print out the 2013 season schedule by visiting the track website at . When visiting the website fans are encouraged to sign-up for the free track newsletter which features weekly updates throughout the season along with photos, videos, interviews and more. Oshkosh Speedzone can also be found on Facebook at

Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway is a 1/3 mile semi-banked clay oval located at the Sunnyview Expo Center which resides near the intersection of Highways 76 and County Trunk Y in Oshkosh.



Feature (Top 15): 1.) Sean Jerovetz; 2.) Troy Jerovetz; 3.) Marcus Yarie; 4.) Mitch McGrath; 5.) Johnny Whitman; 6.) Eddie Lemay; 7.) Brian Drexler; 8.) Eric Mahlik; 9.) Chris Engels; 10.) T.J. Smith; 11.) Mike Wedelstadt; 12.) Rick Robbins; 13.) Dennis Schultz; 14.) Justin Ritchie; 15.) Jerry Muenster

First Consolation: 1.) Wedelstadt; 2.) Muenster; 3.) Mitch Webber; 4.) Travis Spaulding; 5.) Kevin Feck; 6.) Nick Woods

Second Consolation: 1.) McGrath; 2.) Mahlik; 3.) Joel Crowbridge; 4.) David Jaeger; 5.) Matt Klenz; 6.) Dan Roedl

First Heat: 1.) Tim Lemirande; 2.) Lemay; 3.) Ritchie
Second Heat: 1.) T. Jerovetz; 2.) Mike Klenz; 3.) Whitman
Third Heat: 1.) Yarie; 2.) Engels; 3.) J. Schultz
Fourth Heat: 1.) S. Jerovetz; 2.) D. Schultz; 3.) Smith


Feature (Top 15): 1.) Cody Hokenstad; 2.) Steve Schneider; 3.) Clint Forestner; 4.) Todd Wiese; 5.) Scott Boyea; 6.) Ron Besaw; 7.) Kelsy Hayes; 8.) Todd Ewald; 9.) Colten Van Hierden; 10.) Dion Wahl; 11.) Kevin Bethke; 12.) Kevin Tilleman; 13.) Bernie Miller; 14.) Robby Thiel; 15.) Jon Schultz

Consolation: 1.) R. Besaw; 2.) Wahl; 3.) Miller; 4.) Jordan Tuyls; 5.) Hunter Larson; 6.) Tristin Peebles

First Heat: 1.) Thiel; 2.) J.J. Anderson; 3.) Boyea
Second Heat: 1.) Brock Saunders; 2.) Hokenstad; 3.) Schultz
Third Heat: 1.) Hayes; 2.) Mark Howe; 3.) Tilleman
Fourth Heat: 1.) Schneider; 2.) Van Hierden; 3.) Forestner


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Tim Doehling; 2.) Charlie Sancinati; 3.) Terry Van Roy; 4.) Brian Henry; 5.) Larry Richards; 6.) Jim Rhode; 7.) Jeff Richards; 8.) Tim Schneider; 9.) Tim Reichenberger; 10.) Don Schumacher

First Heat: 1.) Van Roy; 2.) Sancinati; 3.) Doehling
Second Heat: 1.) J. Richards; 2.) Reichenberger; 3.) Henry


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Jeff Wicinski; 2.) Jerry Kope; 3.) Richards Garb; 4.) Steven Gawaresky; 5.) Jerry Winkler; 6.) Mark Schultz; 7.) Ryan Blank; 8.) Johnny Ashcraft; 9.) Jeff Jungwirth; 10.) Jesse Krahn

First Heat: 1.) Blank; 2.) Schultz; 3.) Garb
Second Heat: 1.) J. Winkler; 2.) Patty Winkler; 3.) Wayne Morgan
Third Heat: 1.) Kope; 2.) Wicinski; 3.) Gawaresky


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Mike Montie; 2.) Shaun Bangart; 3.) Ralph Liegeois Jr.; 4.) Dan Juszczyk; 5.) Jason Fairbank; 6.) Kasey Gross; 7.) Chris Maas; 8.) Rachel Kallas; 9.) Patrick Klawitter; 10.) Mitch Seidel

First Heat: 1.) Maas; 2.) Liegeois Jr.; 3.) Gross
Second Heat: 1.) Matt Brehmer; 2.) Montie; 3.) Fairbank