Oshklosh SpeedZone June 6 Results

Oshkosh, June 6- A beautiful night greeted all who made the trip to the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway Friday night and with four of the six Automotive Supply Company features near photo finishes, they left with their racing fix fulfilled enough to last until next week.

A field of 22 cars took the green for the Gold Star Racing Products Street Stock main event. Justin Lindner took the lead and paced the opening 5 circuits before Jonny Ashcraft moved into the top spot on lap 6. Ashcraft started to open a lead until a lone caution bunched the field on lap 9. Mark Schultz, Lindner, Ryan Blank, Jerry Winkler, Dan Knaus and Jeff Jungwirth were lined up behind for the restart. Ashcraft took the high line with Schultz pulling alongside hugging the inside. What developed was a fantastic side by side duel that lasted to the finish. Schultz was scored the leader for the next five laps before Ashcraft got the momentum outside to hook up to inch slightly ahead. The race behind was just as tight as cars were two and three wide in the next 2 rows.

Ashcraft was still scored as the leader when the white flag appeared but it was still anybody’s race. Out of the final turn, Ashcraft again found the bite he needed to take his second feature win of the season less than a half car length ahead of Schultz. Jungwith, Lindner, Winkler and Blank rounded out the top six. Post race inspection dropped Lindner from the lead pack and put Dan Knaus in sixth.

The Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Cars have a reputation of close racing and this nights event lived up to that reputation.

Justin Jacobsen powered into the top spot for the first 2 laps before David Hoerning took charge and began to pull away from the pack. Larry Parshen, Mark Schuenemann, John Heinz, Tom Roehl and Travis Van Straten were battling behind. Hoerning continued to pull away from the field with Jacobsen holding the runner up spot until Van Straten was able to take over the spot on lap 10.

Van Straten was able to close the gap slightly but it appeared Hoerning had things well in hand until a lone caution on lap 15 bunched the field for a five lap dash.

Van Straten, winner of the last 3 features, pulled into the top spot entering turn one after the restart. Heinz made a daring move from three wide outside out of turn 2 to diving low entering turn three and pulled into the top spot as Van Straten drifted out of the groove a bit allowing Hoernig to follow right behind Heinz. Van Straten took 2 laps to retake the runner up spot and pulled even with Heinz. The pair ran even over the final 3 laps with Heinz able to pull off the victory, his first ever here and end Van Stratens 3 race streak. Hoerning held off Larry Karcz, Jr and Schuenemann for third with Parshens finishing in sixth.

Charlie Sancinati powered from inside row three to the top spot on the opening lap of the Outlaw Chassis Grand National feature and held on through 2 cautions over the first 5 laps. Larry Richards worked into the lead on the restart and Tom Schneider followed into second. As the two frontrunners pulled away, the race for third was tight with Sancinati, John Schultz III, Jeff Richards and Brian Henry. Schneider was hooked in the outside line and made several runs at the leader over the final half of the race, but could not muster enough momentum to work into the lead. Richards, the defending division champion, picked up his first feature win of the season with Schneider a close second. Henry made his run through traffic to place third followed by Schultz, Jeff Richards and Sancinati.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds started with a series of cautions over the first 5 laps. Dan Roedl led the opening 3 laps before Marcus Yarie powered into the lead after a lap 3 restart. A 10 lap stretch after a lap 5 caution allowed some great racing to take place for second, as Yarie was able to open a lead on the field. Travis Spaulding, Jeremy Christians, T.J. Smith and Sean Jerovetz, who had started the main through the consy in 18th place, were in a bunch with Christians and Jerovetz moving ahead by lap 10. They set out to catch the leader, but Yarie was in rhythm to keep the lead margin until a final caution appeared on lap 14 for debris.

Yarie again took the inside line on the restart with Jerovetz checking into second. Yarie took the white flag with Jerovetz ready to pull alongside, but Yarie opened the door inside when the car hit a ridge in turn two which made the car go a bit wide, enough for Jerovetz to pull inside. They pair ran side by side through the final turn with Yarie wide alongside the front wall on the power to take the victory by less than a half car length at the line. Christians was third with Mike Wedelstadt edging Chris Engels for fourth. Brian Drexler, also coming through the consy and starting 20th, rounded out the top six.

The Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils were next with Alex Seidl taking the lead after an opening lap caution. Mitchell Fairbank and Jason Fairbank were followed by point leader, Shaun Bangart, Mike Mueller and Trever Spaulding.

By lap 6, Jason Fairbak and Bangart were in the top spots until a lap 9 caution bunched the field again. Rick Fairbank, Spaulding, Kasey Grass, Mueller and EriK Kollmann were now right behind. The running order stayed bunched until the final caution on lap 14. Fairbank and Bangart ran the final 6 laps up front with Gross, Kollmann, Rick Fairbank and Spaulding in a group behind.

Jason Fairbank collected his second straight feature win with Bangart holding his point lead in second. Gross, Kollmann, Rick Fairbank and Spaulding rounded out the top six.

The IMCA Sport Mods were out of character a bit tonight as cautions plagued their feature event from the start, and made hard racing a premium.

Mark Howe settled into lead the first 2 laps before Robby Thiel took charge. Ryan Besaw, Kevin Bethke, Jeff Schmuhl, Colten Van Hierden and Steve Schneider were running behind. Fran lap 8 to 13 was the longest green stretch with Thiel inside and Schmuhl outside as they ran side by side for the lead. On lap 12, Schmuhl was able to wrestle the top spot away, before what would be the final caution and lap of the race, appeared on lap 14. The cars could not complete another lap and the contest was finally ended on time limit with Schmuhl taking his second straight feature win with Thiel settling for second. Besaw, Brock Saunders, Bethke and Adam Peschek rounded out the top six in the final tally.

Spectator Eliminators will be on next weeks program along with the six regular divisions sponsored by the Todd Wiese Homeselling Team and Czachor, Polak, Borchardt Law Firm. Racing starts at 7 PM every Friday night at the Oshkosah SpeedZone Raceway.

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20 Lap feature l. Marcus Yarie 2, Sean Jerovetz 3. Jerem,y Christians 4. Mike Wedelstadt 5. Chris Engles 6 Brian Drexler

8 Lap Consy First l. Josh Zdroik 2. Mike Klenz

Second l. Jerovetz 2. Drexler

8 Lap Heats First l. Wedelstadt 2. Yarie

Second l. Christians 2. Ed Stehula

Third l. Travis Spaulding 2. John Schultz

Fourth l. Dan Roedl 2. Engles


20 Lap Feature l. John Heinz 2. Travis Van Straten 3. David Hoerning 4, Larry Karcz, Jr 5. Mark Schuenemann 6. LKarry Parshens

8 Lap Heats First l. Karcz, Jr 2. Van Straten

Second l. Hoerning 2. Dylan Heilmann


14 Lap Feature (time Limit) 1. Jeff Schmuhl 2. Robby Thiel 3. Ryan Besaw 4. Brock Saunders 5. Kevin Bethke 6. Adam Peschek

8 Lap Heats First l. Besaw 2. Todd Wiese

Second l. Saunders 2. Jordan Barkholtz

Third l. Colten van Hierden 2. Thiel


20 Lap Feature l Jonny Ashcraft 2. Mark Schultz 3. Jeff Jungwirth 4. Jerry Winkler 5. Ryan Blank 6. Dan Knaus

8 Lap Heats First l. Justin Lindner 2. Dan Knaus

Second l. Frank Knaus 2. Blank

Third l. Ashcraft 2. Schultz


20 Lap Feature l. Larry Richards 2. Tom Schneider 3. Brian Henry 4. John Schultz III 5. Jeff Richards 6. Charlie Sancinati

8 Lap Heat l. Schultz III 2. Sancinati


20 Lap Feature l. Jason Fairbank 2. Shaun Bangart 3. Kasey Gross 4. Erik Kollmann 5. Rick Fairbank 6. Trever Spaulding

8 Lap Heats First l. Bangart 2. Joe Minks

Second l. Jason Fairbank 2. Mike Mueller