Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway Fall Classic Results

By Dave Panske

Oshkosh, September 7- Despite two separate late morning thunderstorms that caused a delay in starting the Speedzone Fall Classic Saturday afternoon, and a serious threat of an early evening storm, the Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway was able to complete their full program with 134 cars in six divisions and a hearty crowd confident in the days activities.

The field included 37 IMCA Modifieds, 23 IMCA Sport Mods, 18 IMCA Stock Cars, 18 Grand Nations, 17 Street Stocks and 22 Dirt Devils.

The feature portion of the Classic kicked off with the Stock Cars. Barry Van Straten grabbed the initial lead and set the pace for 4 laps before Rod Snellenberger took over the top spot. Following the only restart on lap 6, Snellenberger took off with Van Straten, Shawn Havel, Mitch Stankowski, Dustin Loberger and Harley Simon behind.
By the mid point, Hot Rod was opening a lead with the battle for second remaining tight, Stankowski worked into the runner up spot with Havel, Lowberger and Van Straten in the fray.
Snellenberger ran at the front to the finish with Stankowski surviving the battle to take second. Havel, Lowberger, Simon and Van Straten rounded out the top six.

The Grand Nationals took several attempts to get the first lap in with Jim Rhode finally taking the top spot Tom Schneider, Will Sorce, Terry Van Roy and Larry Richards making a group at the front. Rhode maintained the lead while Sorce, Richards and Tim Doehling put the pressure on from behind. A couple cautions at the mid point saw Sorce take over the lead for 1 lap before Richards powered by on the outside into the lead one lap later.
Several cautions more set up a time limit finish with 2013 track champion, Richards holding the lead to collect the win. Sorce was second with Jason Fish taking third over Schneider. Troy Welch and John Schultz rounded out the top six.

Aaron Stod took the lead in the Street Stock headliner followed by Justin Lindner, Shawn Haydon, Tim Reichenberger, Frank Groessel and Jeff Jungwirth, Stod held the top spot through lap 9 when a series of cautions jumbled the running order . When the race finally went green to stay, Reichenberger was the leader followed by Jerry Winkler, Haydon, Jon Ashcraft, Lexi Ashcraft, and Jungwirth.
Reichenberger and Winkler swapped the lead a couple times before Winkler took the top spot for good on lap 13. Winkler held off Haydon for the rest of the distance and collected the win. Reichenberger took third with 2013 track champ, Jon Ashcraft, in fourth. Jungwirth and Groessel rounded out the top six.

Kevin Bethke took charge of the Sport Mod main followed by Steve Schneider, Jake Solem, Cody Hokenstad, Brian Besaw and Eric Mahlik. A series of cautions on laps 3 to 5 kept things packed on the leader, and after the restart on lap 5, Schneider took over the top spot with Bethke, Solem and Mahlik right behind. A final caution on lap 9 set up a time limit finish with Schneider able to hold the top spot and collect the big pay day. 2013 track champion, Todd Weisse moved from 5th to second aver the final laps to finish second. Solem nipped Bethke for third with Mahlik and Hokenstad rounding out the top six.

Eddie Muenster took the lead in the Modified main with Eric Arneson, Benji LaCrosse, Mitch McGrath and Todd Dart making the lead group. The caution flew on lap 2 when Muenster and LaCrosse collided out of turn 4. Munster had to drop to the back and LaCrosse was out of the contest. Dart took the lead from Arneson on the restart and was able to open a slight lead as Arneson, McGrath James Tebon and Joe McGrath battled for the runner up spot.
Following a set of cautions on lap 8, Mitch McGrath briefly took the lead but Dart stormed back into the top spot and pulled away from the field as the race developed again for second.
McGrath, Marcus Yarie, Tebon, Chris Engels and Joe McGrath went at for the rest of the race while chasing Dart. Dart collected the $2000 pay day with Mitch McGrath holding off Yarie to take second. Tebon won the battle for 4th over Joe McGrath and Jerry Muenster worked through to round out the top six.

2013 track champion, Jason Fairbank, took control of the Dirt Devil nightcap with Chris Maas, Kasey Gross, Calvin Stueck, and Jim Bangart settling in behind. Fairbank was challenged every lap with Gross moving into the lead on 9 with Fairbank, Maas, Steve Seehawer, Brian Johnson in chase.
Fairbank was able to re take the top spot on lap 11 and despite a late caution on lap 18, was able to hold off all challengers to collect the win. Gross was second with Maas, Shaun Bangart, Mike Kelin and Seehawer rounding out the top six.

T.J. Smith won a special Modified non-qualifier semi feature taking the win over Tyler Hackett, Eric Mahlik, Adam Reed, Jamie Schmidt and Chad Olsen.

This race concluded the regular race season at the Speedzone.

However, one big event remains. This Friday, September 13, the track will host the “Superstitious Sprintacular” featuring the IRA Bumper to Bumper 410 Outlaw Sprint Cars, MCA 360 Sprints and the Grand National stock cars.
Hot laps and qualifying will precede racing at 7 PM.


20 Lap Feature l. Todd Dart, Algoma 2. Mitch McGrath, Neosho 3. Marcus Yarie, Wausau 4. James Tebon, Algoma 5. Joe McGrath, Waukesha 6. Jerry Muenster, Green Bay
20 Lap Semi l. T.J. Smith, Menasha 2. Tyler Hackett, Algoma 3. Eric Mahlik, Green Bay 4,. Adam Reed 5, Jamie Schmidt, Seymour 6. Chad Olsen
12 Lap Consy First 1. Eric Scribner, Lena 2. Sean Jerovetz, Suamico 3. Hackett, Schmidt
Second 1. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken 2, Brad Theys, Algoma 3. Travis Spaulding, Greenville 4. Reed
8 Lap Heats First l. Chris Engels, Green Bay 2. Dart
Second l. Mitch McGrath 2. Tebon
Third l. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay 2. Joe McGrath
Fourth l. Eddie Muenster, Green Bay 2. Eric VanIten, Green Bay

20 Lap Feature l. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski 2. Mitch Stankowski, Shawano 3. Shawn Havel, Algoma 4. Dustin Lowberger, Green Bay 5. Harley Simon, Seymour 6. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton
8 Lap Heats First l. Snellenberger 2. Van Straten
Second l. Havel 2. Kevin Hebbe, Appleton

20 Lap Feature l. Steve Schneider, Chilton 2. Todd Weisse, Algoma 3. Jake Solem, Green Bay 4. Kevin Bethke, Neenah 5. Eric Mahlik, Green bay 6. Cody Hokenstad, Shawano
8 Lap Heats First 1. Clint Forstner, Green bay 2. Mahlik
Second, 1. Jeremy Cota, Oconto Falls 2. Colton Van Heirdon, Beaver Dam
Third l. Solem 2. Hokenstad

20 Lap Feature l. Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh 2, Shawn Haydon, Greenville 3. Tim Reichenberger, Omro 4. Jon Ashcraft, Oshkosh 5. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh 6. Frank Groessel, Appleton
8 Lap heats First l. Haydon 2. Reichenberger
Second l. Ashcraft 2. Justin Lindner, Hortonville

20 Lap Feature l. Larry Richards, Montello 2. Will Sorce West Allis 3. Jason Fish 4. Tom Schneider, Chilton 5. Troy Welch 6. John Schultz,III, Oshkosh
8 Lap Heats First l. Tim Doehling, Winneconne 2. Jeff Richards, Montello
Second l. Terry Van Roy, Appleton 2. Larry Richards

20 Lap Feature l. Jason Fairbank, Van Dyne 2. Kasey Gross, 3, Chris Maas
4. Shaun Bangart 5. Mike Klein 6. Steve Seehawer
8 Lap Heats First l. Gross 2,. Bangart
Second l. Fairbank 2
Third l. Maas 2. Erik Kollmann