SpeedZone results June 13

Oshkosh, June 13- Full moon racing is one thing, but couple that with Friday the 13th and it should be nothing but trouble. Right…Wrong! With the full moon rising over the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway Friday night a fast paced, very competitive program was presented by Todd Wiese Homeselling Team and Czachor, Polack, Borchardt Law Firm.

Two drivers will argue any mention of bad luck as T.J. Smith recorded his first career Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified feature victory and Charlie Sancinati ran to his first ever SpeedZone feature win in the Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals. Other feature winners were all repeats this season as John Heinz ran to his second straight Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Car feature and Jeff Jungwith also picked up his second Outlaw Chassis Street Stock main. Picking up their 3rd feature wins this season were Steve Schneider in the IMCA Sport Mods and Shaun Bangart in the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils.

T.J. Smith grabbed the lead at the start of the Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified main with Jim Rhode Ed Lemay, Eric Arneson, Jeremy Christians and Travis Spaulding. Several early race cautions kept the field bunched, but Smith was able to maintain to lead through a green flag run from lap 4 to 10. Christains moved into the runner up spot on lap 6 with Mike Wedelstadt and Eddie Muenter moving into the top 5 by lap 7.

With the field right behind for the restart, Smith again set the pace and opened a car length lead over Christians as Muenster, Rhode and Wedelstadt moved up to challenge for second. A final caution on lap 17 set up a three lap dash, with Smith drawing on his past experience to just run his race and drove off with his first career division feature win. Muenster wrestled the second place finish from Christians on the final lap with point leader, Sean Jerovetz making a late race run ti claim fourth over Wedelstadt and Rhode.

Following an opening lap caution, the Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals saw John Schultz III take the initial lead over Charlie Sancinati, Don Schumacher, Terry Van Roy and Tim Reichenberger. The racing was close with Reichneberger taking a shot at the lead on lap 3 before Sancinati slipped into the lead on lap 7, Van Roy followed into the runner up spot and the pair was able to slowly open a gap as the race for third stayed tight to the finish.

Sancinati ran error free at the front leaving Van Roy to look for another route to the lead over the final half of the race.

Sancinati with stood the pressure to collect his first ever SpeedZone feature victory, and dedicated the win in memory of his best friends brother who recently passed away. Van Roy tried several paths to overtake the leader over the last few laps but settled for second place. Reichenberger took third with Brian Henry making a late race charge to fourth. Tom Schneider and Schultz rounded out the top six.

The IMCA Sport Mod contest had Jon Schultz grab the lead at the start followed by Todd Wiese, Steve Schneider, Ryan Besaw and Jeff Schmuhl. The top 3 staged a great battle for the lead. Schultz was able to keep both Wiese and Schneider behind although positions swapped back and forth. A lone caution on lap 9 bunched the field and the battle continued at the front on the restart. Schultz was running low at the front with Schneider and Wiese side by side for second and both looking for a break in his line. The group stayed tight until the final three laps. Schneider was able to get alongside and edge into the top spot taking the white flag. Wiese also got by Schultz and moved up on the leader on the back stretch, but Schneider was able to fend off the late charge and collect his third feature win of the season. Wiese, whose Homeselling team was the nights track sponsor, missed his second feature win by a car length at the finish line. Schultz took third with point leader, Besaw, taking fourth. Brock Saunders and Nick Furman rounded out the top six.

Dylan Heilmann grabbed the lead at the start of the Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Car feature with Steve Hiles, Kevin Hebbe, John Heinz and Larry Karcz, Jr behind. Heinz moved into second and ran down the leader, taking over the top spot on lap 6. A pair of mid race cautions kept the field bunched with Heinz again taking command on the final restart on lap 11. Heinz was able to oen a lead and ran to his second straight division feature win. Karcz ran behind in second to the finish with David Hoerning ending a race laong battle to take third from Heilmann. Mark Schoeneman and Larry Parshens rounded out the top six.

Justin Lindner set the pace for the Outlaw Chassis Street Stock division feature with Jon Ashcraft, Rich Garb, Chad Ewaldnd Jim Pollnow behind. The field stayed tight at the front with Lindner leading as Jeff Junwirth and Jerry Winkler made their ways to the front. Lindner lost his slight lead with a caution on lap 10. Jungwirth was running second and 2 laps later, took over the lead just befor a caution slowed the pace again. What followed was a series of cautions that finally resulted in the race ending under time limit.

Jungwirth was able to fold the top spot through to the finish with Winkler giving chase over the final few laps to finish second. Garb took third with Ashcraft taking fourth. Steve Gawaresky and rookie Steve Eckert, rounded out the top six.

Rookie contender, Alex Seidl, set the pace in the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil feature for the first lap before a couple cautions bunched the field and gave three time defending champion, Jason Fairbank a shot at the elad followed by point leader, Shaun Bangart, Cody Pankow and Kasey Gross. A long green stretch followed the lap 3 restart with Bangart taking charge with Pankow,, Fairbank, and Gross often times three wide behind the leader. A final string of three cautions on laps 15, 16 and 17 set up a three lap dash to the finish with Bangart able to hold off Fairbank by a half car elgth at the finish line for his third feature win of the season. Erik Kollmann came through late to take third over Pankow with Seidl and Joe Minks rounding out the top six,

Next Friday night, Budweiser will be the title sponsor when the IRA Sprint Cars make their final appearance of the season on the 1/3 mile SpeedZone clay oval. The IMCA Mods, Sport Mods and Stock Cars will be part of the big night. IRA Qualifying at 6:30 with racing at 7 PM.

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20 Lap Feature l. T.J. Smith 2. Eddie Munster 3. Jeremy Christians 4. Sean Jerovetz 5. Mike Wedelstadt 6. Jim Rhode

12 Lap Consy l. Jerry Muenster 2. John Schultz3. Josh Zdroik 4. Dennis Schultz

8 Lap Heats First l. Smith 2 Eddie Muenster

Second l. Marcus Yarie 2. Mike Wedelstadt

Third l. Brian Drexler 2. Travis Spaulding


20 Lap Feature l. John Heinz 2. Larry Karcz, Jr 3. David Hoerning 4. Dylan Heilmann 5 Mark Schueneman 6. Larry Parshens

8 Lap Heats First Travis Van Straten 2. Schueneman

Second l. Heinz 2. Justin Jacvobsen


20 Lap Feature l. Steve Schneider 2. Todd Wiese 3. Jon Schultz 4. Ryan Besaw 5. Brock Saunders 6. Nick Furman

8 Lap Heats First l. Saunders 2. Jeff Schmuhl

Second l. Schneider 2. Wiese


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Jungwirth 2. Jerry Winkler 3. Rich Garb 4. Jonny Ashcraft 5. Steve Gawaresky 6. Steve Eckert

8 Lap Heats First l. Justin Lindner 2. Winkler

Second l. Mark Schultz 2. Jungwirth


20 Lap Feature l. Charlie Sancinati 2. Terry Van Roy 3. Tim Reichenberger 4. Brian Henry 5. Tom Schneider 6. John Schultz III

8 Lap Heats First l. Sancinati 2. Larry Richards

Second l. Schneider 2. Schultz II

20 Lap Feature l Shaun Bangart 2. Jason Fairbank 3. Erik Kollmann 4. Cody Pankow 5. Alex Sidl 6. Joe Minks

8 Lap Heats First l. Kasey Gross 2. Mike Mueller

Second l. Bangart 2. Fairbank


4 CYLINDER Don Marquart

OPEN Beau Schroeder