Wedelstadt Wins in Speedzone Mod Action, Sport Mod Title Decided With Victory by Wiese!

By Dave Panske
August 16, 2013; Oshkosh, WI - On a beautiful mid August Friday night, Citizens First Credit Union and B104.7 presented a full racing program at the Oshkosh Speedzone with 93 cars checking in to battle.

The Total Power Sales Street Stock started the night with a 16 point spread between the top three drivers. Following the race, only 10 separate the same three.

Lexi Ashcraft moved to the front of the field as the feature took the green and held the spot through several early race cautions. A final restart on lap 6 set up a great race with Ashcraft still in control followed by Jerry Kope, Jeff Wicinski, Jon Ashcraft, Jeff Jungwirth, Patty Winkler and Steve Gawaresky.

Lexi Ashcraft, Kope and Jon Ashcraft pulled away from the pack after the restart in a three way race. Kope moved into the top spot on lap 8 and by the mid point of the race, Jerry Winkler joined the three at the front. Kope continued to lead the way while father and daughter Ashcraft and Winkler wrestled behind. With 5 laps remaining, Jon Ashcraft moved into second with Winkler now in third. Lexi Ashcraft and Patty Winkler were battling for fourth.

With Kope running the inside line, Ashcraft held the high line and with 3 laps left, was able to take over the top spot. Winkler tested Kope for the final couple laps but the pair followed Ashcraft over the finish line. Patty Winkler, Lexi Ashcraft and Gawaresky rounded out the top 6.

Point leader, Rich Garb, finished the race in 7th and still leads the standings with 463. Kope’s run moved him to 2 marks behind the leader and Winker picks up 6 points to sit 10 behind, with only 1 point night remaining.

The Hansel Trucking IMCA Sport Mods were up next with Wyatt Block setting the pace through the first 12 laps followed by Scott Howe, Bernie Miller, Colten Van Hierden, Rob Krull, Corey Wegner and Steve Schneider.

A pair of cautions on lap 12 and 15 bunched the field with Krull taking the lead after the first restart. Ryan Besaw would take over the lead on the second restart with point leader, Todd Wiese right behind. Wiese wasted no time taking charge of the final 4 laps to record the feature win. In doing so, extended his point lead to 62 marks, putting the final grip on the 2013 track title. Besaw would take second followed by Van Hierden, Jon Schultz, Krull and Cody Hokenstad.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds took to the speedway next with Matt Klenz setting the pace early followed by Mike Wedelstadt, Travis Spaulding, Mike Klenz, and Eddie Muenster. Klenz lost the handle out of turn 4 on lap 5 to bring out the caution, and Wedelstadt would take the top spot for the restart. Wedelstadt hooked up on the outside lime with Muenster now second followed by Sean Jerovetz, Mike Klenz, Marcus Yarie and point leader, Troy Jerovetz.

A pair of mid race cautions on lap 10 and 11 bunched the field again. Wedelstadt would continue to lead but Muenster and Yarie would stay with him on the restart to make a close three car fight for the lead. Muenster would be scored the leader on lap 14, but Wedelstadt would take control using the outside line and would hold on over the final 5 laps to take the victory. Muenster would edge Yarie for the runner up spot with Klenz taking fourth. Chris Engels would take a hard fought fifth place over the point leaders, Troy and Sean Jerovetz. Troy entered the night one point ahead of cousin Sean, but Sean would finish 6th to make a tie at the top at 445 each with 2 point nights remaining for the Modifieds.

The Outlaw Chassis Grand Nationals were next up with Troy Welch setting the pace for the first 2 circuits before point leader, Brian Henry, brought out the first caution after catching a corner barrel under his car. On the restart, Tim Reichenberger would sweep by the leader out of turn 4 on the outside and take control until a final caution 2 laps later. Reichenberger would again take charge on the restart and would slowly pull away from the field leaving the race for the runner up spot. Jeff Richards, Larry Richards and Welch bunched in third and by lap 8, Henry had recovered from the back to join the mix with Tom Schneider and Jim Rhode.

By lap 11, Larry Richards had secured the runner spot and looked to see Reichenberger close to a 1/3 lap ahead. With the green out for the rest of the way, Richards set into a solid rhythm and slowly closed the gap, pulling behind with only a couple laps left. Reichenberger held Richards at bay to add another feature win to his tally this season. Henry collected the third place finish followed by Jeff Richards, Welch and Rhode.

Henry’s run from the back to finish third earned him another point in the standings as the defending champion hold a 459-457 lead over Richards with 1 point night left. Reichenbergers win moved him up to third only 11 behind.

Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil point leader, Mike Montie was not available to run Friday night, but used his sub driver provision to put team mate Brain Johnson behind the wheel.

Rookie, Rachel Kallas, led the opening lap before Shaun Bangart took control followed by Christopher Maas, Ralph Liegeois, and Brian Johnson. Maas took the top spot on lap 5 with Johnson moving into the runner up spot one lap later.

Johnson challenged for the lead and finally worked into the top spot on lap 10. Defending champion, Jason Fairbank would take over the second spot on lap 14 and a late race caution, the only one of the race, bunched the field on lap 15. Johnson would fend off all challenges from Fairbank over the final 5 lap sprint to win the feature and give Montie an extra point in the standings over Fairbak 487-469 all but ensuring the track title with one point night remaining.

Next Friday night, August 23, will be the George Scheffler Late Model Special/ Hales Corners Reunion night. It will feature the WDLMA Late Models with the winner taking $5,000. A strong field of 40 – 50 Late Models is expected for this Special event. The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds will also compete in a full track point show which will pay the winner a cool $1000.



20 Lap Feature l Mike Wedelstadt, Freedom 2. Eddie Muenster, Green Bay 3. Marcus Yarie, Wausau 4. Mike Klenz, Hartford 5. Chris Engels, 6, Sean Jerovertz, Suamico

8 Lap Heats First l. Engels 2. Matt Klenz

Second l. Wedelstadt 2. Travis Spaulding, Greenville

Third l. Yarie 2. Muenster


20 Lap feature l. Todd Wiese 2.. Ryan Besaw 3. Colten Van Hierden 4. Jon Schultz 5. Rob Krull 6. Cody Hokenstad

8 Lap Heats First l. Hokenstad 2. Wyatt Block

Second l. Scott Howe 2. Wiese

Third l. Rod Solem 2. Krull


20 Lap Feature l. Jon Ashcraft 2. Jerry Kope 3, Jerry Winkler 4. Patty Winkler 5, Lexi Ashcraft 6. Steven Gawaresky

8 Lap Heats First l. Kope 2. Mark Schultz

Second l. Jon Ashcraft 2. Wayne Morgan

Third l. Jerry Winkler 2. Patty Winkler


20 Lap Feature l. Tim Reichenberger 2. Larry Richards 3. Brian Henry 4. Jeff Richards 5. Troy Welch 6. Jim Rhode

8 Lap Heats First l. Henry 2. Welch

Second l. Reichenberger 2. Terry Schoppenhorst


20 Lap feature l. Brian Johnson 2,. Jason Fairbank 3. Christopher Maas 4. Shaun Bangart 5. Brandon Goeser 6. Rachel Kallas

8 Lap Heats First l. Johnson 2. Ralph Liegeois, Jr

Second l. Fairbank 2. Maas